Counter GIFs

Type of GIF: Reaction GIF


Counter Reaction GIF: 


Reaction GIFs are typically the entire face, highlighting a very obvious emotional response. The use of the face allows for a stronger emotional connection and alludes to an exact emotion the creator is expecting you to feel. By zooming in, the exact emotion that the creator is attempting to convey is lost. By using the common action of a person blinking, there is no clear reaction conveyed. This would have little effect or ability to be understood in everyday use.


Type of GIF: Cinemagraph GIF


Counter Cinemagraph GIF


Cinemagraph GIFs are normally classy, artistic, and used as art or fashion ads. They take a photograph that has a style and allure of its own and move one individual element so that it captures one piece of the photo they want the user to be aware of. It makes something already beautiful even more attractive and unique. By creating a Cinemagraph of typically crude cartoon character Homer Simpson, the beautiful, artistic element is removed. The emphasis on the drool highlights one of the least appealing parts of the image.


Type of GIF: Sports GIF


Counter Sports GIF


Sports GIFs typically show an incredibly impressive feat or a ridiculously embarrassing goof. The GIF I chose for my actual example shows a superhuman catch, something exciting and captivating to watch. The GIF I created instead shows one of the most mundane, typical actions in football. This very average moment is not something you ever see in a sports GIF because with such a limited amount of time, you want your GIF to be used for something that will get people’s attention.

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